The Devlyn Disguise


When Avery Austin's parents die in a freak accident only a few feet from where she was standing, she leaves her small Kentucky town to live in LA with her last living relative, Uncle Nick; half of the most sought-after Men's Wear design duo, S&N For Men. She's twenty-two, fresh out of college and the recipient of a coveted spot in the Young Designers Guild NYFW contest. 

Broken, Avery tries to pull herself and her collection together in Uncle Nick's Beverly Hills studio. When Devlyn Beck, the son of the notorious DT Beck, pays her uncle's shop a visit, Avery falls head over heels in love with him. There's only one problem, he's the son of the notorious DT Beck, owner of the hottest hotel and casino in Las Vegas, The Fun House Brothel, Napa Valley Bed and Breakfast and rumored Boss of the largest sex and drug trafficking ring operating between Mexico, South America, and the US. 

Devlyn desperately wants to be the man she deserves, but at twenty-seven, the heir to a dangerous game, and a reputation that rivals his father's, Devlyn has trouble keeping up his good guy disguise. By the time Avery realizes her knight in shining armor is a sex-trafficking murder, with a severe cocaine problem, she's in too deep. Devlyn is not letting her go. 

Avery has one chance to escape with her life, and save many other lives in the process. If she fails, they will die.