The Devlyn Disguise



By April McCormick

It's been weeks since Avery Austin's parents died in a freak accident and she's still struggling to do basic things like eating and showering. She's twenty-two, jobless, broken, riddled with guilt over her parent's untimely passing, insisting it was her fault, and recently, dropped out of her MBA program. 

Sick of seeing her waste away, a family friend calls her last living relative for help, Uncle Nick; Lead designer for the MEGA brand S&N For Men. Nick immediately goes to Kentucky with a plan to bring her back with him, offering her a job, place to stay and financial support if she wants to complete her MBA. Knowing it's for the best, Avery agrees to go with him.


Once settled in California, Avery begins working at S&N's flagship store on Rodeo Drive. When the infamous playboy, Devlyn Beck, pays a visit to the shop, the two share a moment neither can shake. Avery is head over heels smitten with him.

Her uncle warns her to steer clear of Devlyn and his family. He's the son of the notorious D.T. Beck, ruthless Las Vegas businessman and rumored boss of a major human and drug trafficking ring, stretching from South America through Mexico to DT's safehouses. In 2017 nine-billion in illicit drugs crossed the Mexican border into the US. DT Beck had a hand in close to seventy-five percent of its distribution.

Avery tries to keep her distance, but Devlyn's charm and extravagant lifestyle prove too hard to resist. When she's with him, her pain and loss cease to exist. When he's with her, he forgets the monster that he is. After a life of beatings, torture and mental abuse from his parents, for the first time in his twenty-seven years of life, Devlyn learns the profound power of love. 

Desperate to be a better man for Avery, Devlyn finds himself torn and taunted by his past. With the FBI hot on his heels, a scorned psychopath out to get him, and a business venture blowing up in his face, Devlyn starts spinning out of control, finding it hard to keep up his good-guy disguise for Avery. 

 By the time Avery realizes his dark secrets, she's in too deep. Lost in a world of love, lust, drug trafficking, sex for hire, and friends who aren't who they say they are. She knows she has to escape, but soon learns, Fate has another plan for her.