A decade of wearing multiple hats in Full-Service Ad agencies...

Seven Years of Professional Blogging...

A Proven Track Record of Success...

Case Study #1

AMA Higher Learning- AMAHLC

The CEO of, Ama Higher Learning came to me with the company but zero online presence. By the time I was finished, the client had a Logo, Tagline, website, social media, SEO building articles and new clients!

CS#2: Full branding and website build/launch

GameBooks App

The client came to me almost ready for BETA testing. He'd been working with overseas companies that were taking his money but not delivering crucial elements.

I worked closely with the client and his team to prepare the app for BETA testing, secure Beta testers and eventual launch.

Content Creation

I created content wherever needed to make the app user friendly, edited current content and created new content as the App grew

No Sugar coating

I will never tell a client what they want to hear if it's not true. I did a full critique of each page of the app and added notes to screenshots. I held nothing back. 

Case Study #3 App creation, launch + marketing: Lyfeline LLC

App Content

I was originally recruited to work on the creation of the Lyfeline App with a team of writers. We were tasked with taking the expert's information and making it more user friendly. 

App Launch

Once the app content was written, The CEO asked me to stay on to help with launch and marketing. I used my blog community to kick off BETA testing. Working directly with the developers, we managed to work out the bugs and launch Lyfeline to the masses.

Digital Marketing

Leaning on my vast knowledge of digital marketing and tricks of the trade, I created Ads, banners, contests, press releases and and hounded editors and bloggers. Within the first two months of launch, we had 25,000 users. A year later, 100k+.