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Included in a A Letter To My Mom, created by Lisa Erspamer, is a  book honoring the powerful, loving, complicated, one-of-a-kind relationships we all have with our mothers. A New York Times Bestseller, ALTMM is comprised of a beautiful collection of personally-crafted letters written by April McCormick, Melissa Rivers, Suze Orman, Mariel Hemingway, Shania Twain,, and Christy Turlington, Dr. Phil and many more... to the women that shaped thier lives.

NYT Bestseller

Parent Tested Parent Approved Annual

Opening Article- 6 Things All New Mother's Should Know.

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First-Timer's Guide To Not Feeling Like A Parenting Failure: The First Year

Available: 2018

This is not your typical parenting book. The First-timer's guide is devoted to preparing parents for the trials and tribulations of the first year, and how not to beat yourself up every step of the way. Written by both April and her Aussie husband Adam, the guide will make you laugh out loud at yourself, their crazy antics, your child and all the other insanity that comes the first year.

The Devlyn Disguise


By April McCormick

It's been weeks since an EF-4 tornado took Avery Austin's parents and she's still struggling to do basic things like eating and showering. She's twenty-two, unemployed, broken and recently, dropped out of her senior year of undergrad at the University of Kentucky. With nothing left, she leaves her tiny Kentucky town for Malibu, California, to stay with her last living relative, Uncle Nick and his partner, Sam. Who also happen to be world-renown fashion designers and owners of the wildly-successful clothing line, S&N for Men. 

Once settled in Malibu, Avery goes to work at the S&N flagship store on Rodeo Drive to help them prepare for NYFW. Her first day on the job, Avery comes face-to-face with the infamous playboy, Devlyn Beck. The look they exchange shoots through her soul. She's immediately drawn to him in a way she can't explain. The only problem, his dad is the notorious, D.T. Beck, ruthless Las Vegas businessman with decades-long ties to the mafia and Golden Triangle Cartel. 

After a few more chance meetings with Devlyn, or so she thinks are chance, Avery gives in to his request for a date. Her plan is to have fun and keep things loose with Devlyn. She's a pro at handling rich, entitled frat boys. How different can Devlyn be? 

By the time Avery realizes his family's dark secrets, she's in too deep. Lost in a world of love, lust, luxury, drug trafficking, sex for hire, and friends who aren't who they say they are. Avery knows she has to escape, but soon learns, Fate has another life-altering plan for her. 


(fingers crossed)

After a year of writing and tedious mind-melting edits, I'm finally querying agents.  

I can't wait for you to read it...

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Writing for #NanoWriMo18


When Georgia "Gigi" Mason was eight years old, her dad left for work and never came home. Shortly after, Gigi and her mother moved from St. Louis to her Aunt Lily's wild mustang ranch in Pasque, South Dakota, where she's happily lived for the past six years. 

Gigi's idyllic farm life is turned upside down when her mother returns from two weeks away with a brand new car and a smile so big it scares Gigi. Her mother announces that she's sold her screenplay about their life, going from having everything to nothing. It's supposed to be funny, but Gigi can't see how. She tells Gigi to pack everything, they're moving to LA. Immediately.

Three weeks later, Gigi finds herself standing in front of Oliver Louis Highschool, about to begin her freshman year with zero friends. And to make matter's worse, she doesn't speak the, LOL, OMFG, AF, language, or have a clue what Twitter, Facebook or any of the other techy things the kids are talking about. They didn't have phones and social media on the farm.

The only good part about her day is when she retreats to the courtyard for lunch. Nature is her happy place. One day, while making a flower necklace out of clover, another outcast, Maxine "Max" Bailey, strikes up a conversation. Max's mom and dad are stable hands for a wealthy polo player in the canyon, and like GiGi, Max couldn't care less about social media and keeping up with the Kardashians. 

Over the next few months, Gigi and Max navigate life as freshmen outcasts in a social media-driven environment, breeding social media deranged teenagers. The two start an unofficial club called the Tech-No club, where they learn about, and engage with, nature, from every angle - earth, wind, water, and fire - no tech allowed.

When word spreads about the Tech-No club, Max and Gigi soon learn they're not the only ones tired of tech.

Author's Note: The book is currently in development. Things/details may change including the cover art I created myself using Canva. 

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