April McCormick

Miami. Late 70's.

Born in Miami, circa 1978, to a couple of Hippies. April enjoyed a childhood full of sand (in every crack), sun (burns), and art (hippies love art). 

Her parents encouraged her love of telling wilds stories and writing by handing her paper and pen with instructions to, write the stories, not recite them. 

Thirty something years later, April is a published Writer, Author, Award-Winning Blogger, Copywriter and Digital Marketing Maven. 


Writer. Dreamer. Believer. Smile Maker.

Often heard saying, "Writing chose me, I didn't choose it," She'll be the first to tell you; writing is her gift, purpose, and passion. 

Niche? Ha.

April's experience, style and versatility allow her to adapt and thrive in a broad range of areas, including healthcare, parenting, DIY, gardening, digital marketing, journalism and product/service copywriting

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